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FANDOM: Broadchurch
FIC LINK: Puzzles
AUTHOR LINK: [ff.net profile] HalfASlug
RATING/WARNING(S): G | spoilers up to and including S02E05
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 1,000
MAIN CHARACTERS: Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller MILLARRRR, and Fred

FIC SUMMARY: There are many puzzles in Alec Hardy's life, but maybe there's still room for one more.

RECCER'S NOTES: A short scene in the lives of two sad ex-detectives that captures their friendship rather well and still makes you smile. Also: Hardy and Fred.
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FANDOM: Red Dwarf
FIC LINK: Ode to Enlightenment
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] jazzfic
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 2,000
MAIN CHARACTERS: Arnold Rimmer, Dave Lister

FIC SUMMARY: Rimmer's whole life, from what Lister had managed to glean from various drunken confessionals, was one missed opportunity after another.

RECCER'S NOTES: Pitch-perfect voices, down to Rimmer's horrific attempts at writing. A small scene in a storage locker.

And while I'm at it, here's another 'Enlightenment' fic. )
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FANDOM: Star Wars prequels
AUTHOR LINK: [personal profile] quigonejinn
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 2,000
MAIN CHARACTERS: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn

Your planet is new to the Republic: the Council of Three Nations found the moons within living memory, and your father remembers a time when all ships traveled slower than light. Your children, when they are born, will never know anything but the Republic and the Senate and the Federation. By the end of the decade, in fact, your planet will have a representative in the Senate.

This, however, the first time you have ever met Jedi.

RECCER'S NOTES: An outsider viewpoint on a Jedi Knight and his very young apprentice. The culture clash here, the essential oddness of Jedi life, is very well expressed and a little bit sad.
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B is for...

FANDOM: Legend of Korra
FIC LINK: Black Sun
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] LizBee
RATING/WARNING(S): G | spoilers for 1.10
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 700

FIC SUMMARY: Lin always paid attention to the stories.

RECCER'S NOTES: Because I'm still disappointed we never got a Lin Prison Break™. LizBee never fails to deliver, and bending or no Lin Beifong is steel to the core.
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FANDOM: The Baby-sitters Club
FIC LINK: A Spin in the Junk Bucket
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] lionessvalenti
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 741
MAIN CHARACTERS: Charlie Thomas, Watson Brewer

FIC SUMMARY: Watson wants to give Charlie a gift for graduation, but is it too much?


So today I'm home feel sick and sore and incredibly sorry for myself. What better cure than fluffy, indulgent fanfiction?
This was a gift for me for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm - I had requested some Watson & stepkid interaction and one of my long-standing requests is Watson splashing his money around to spoil his kids. (I mean isn't that the point of being a real, live millionaire?)
Charlie's voice is wonderful here and this fic has spawned a heap of head canon for me, which I think all good fics do. The interaction with Watson is sweet and realistic. It only takes a minute or so to read but it leaves me with the warm and fuzzies.

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FANDOM: Pride and Prejudice
FIC LINK: Bad Influence
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] overeducatedandoverworked
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 611
MAIN CHARACTERS: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Georgiana Darcy

FIC SUMMARY: Mr. Darcy always thought that gambling was unladylike. But then, he thought a lot of things, and look how that turned out.


Small, sweet and delightful! At only 600 words it's a quick read but very in character and easily imagined as something that could happen post-canon.

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I'm back from holidays and trying to squeeze in a couple of recs for the yuletide challenge! There is still time if you want to rec your favourite fic from yuletides past!

FANDOM: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
FIC LINK: Ask Memes and Bonding Exercises
AUTHOR LINK: [personal profile] aderam
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 1734
MAIN CHARACTERS: Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti, Amy Santiago, Jake Peralta, Terry Jeffords, Ray Holt, Charles Boyle

FIC SUMMARY: The game is simple: Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins. It's time for another edition of Who's More Cryptic Anyway!


This is such a fun little fic, and the character voices are perfect. I can totally see this being a missing scene from canon - Terry accidentally sends everyone an ask meme, and they turn it into a challenge to prove how well they know each other. It's perfect and lighthearted and suits canon down to the ground.

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FANDOM: Malory Towers
FIC LINK: Not Right About Everything.
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] Lefaym
WIP?/WORD COUNT: ficlet | ~ 330 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Gwendoline Mary Lacey

FIC SUMMARY: The girls at Malory Towers weren't right about everything.

RECCER'S NOTES: This is such a great little character study. Moreoften than not Gwendoline has my sympathies even though she was horrid sometimes. And while she is still herself here she does grow up.

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FANDOM: Harry Potter/RPF (UK 21stC politics)
FIC LINK: A Historic and Seismic Shift
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] raven
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 993 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Hermione Granger, David Cameron

FIC SUMMARY: David Cameron's first night in office.


I've been meaning to catch up on posting here more regularly, and I think this fic is kind of timely. Short and cute, and captures the dazed-muggle-experiences-magic thing very well. A little feel-good fic. :)

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FANDOM: Rockman|Mega Man Classic, Rockman|Mega Man X
FIC LINK: Five Rings
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] taichara
RATING/WARNING(S): General Audiences/no warnings
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete/579 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Blues|Proto Man, Rock, Forte|Bass, X, Zero

FIC SUMMARY: Elemental-themed musings on five different characters.

RECCER'S NOTES: Interesting thoughts on these five characters.
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FANDOM: Toy Story
FIC LINK: the skin horse
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] oryx
RATING/WARNING(S): General audiences/No warnings
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete/1485 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Bonnie Anderson, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie

FIC SUMMARY: The death of a toy is in many ways inevitable.

RECCER'S NOTES: Very poignant look at the toys and how time passes for them.
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FANDOM: Kung Fu Panda
FIC LINK: Atonement
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] Usami_chan13
RATING/WARNING(S): General Audiences/no warnings
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete/1552 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: The Soothsayer, Shifu

FIC SUMMARY: /pending the second movie/ "But the deceased can no longer rectify their mistakes. They can only hold on to their transgressions and all the pain that accompanies them, so that not even death itself can free their soul."

RECCER'S NOTES: This fic lets two characters interact that do have something they could find relatable in each other. The musings on the meaning of atonement help this story stand out.
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FANDOM: The Chronicles of Narnia
FIC LINK: Gone From the World
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] kastaka
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 495
MAIN CHARACTERS: Tumnus, Aslan, The White Stag

FIC SUMMARY: After the Hunt of the White Stag, Tumnus undertakes his own hunt...


A beautiful and sad little fic that tells of how things went for Tumnus after the Pevensies tumbled back through the wardrobe into England.

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FANDOM: Marvel Cinematic Universe / Agent Carter
FIC LINK: Columbia
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] CourtneyCourtney
RATING/WARNING(S): General Audiences
WIP?/WORD COUNT: complete / 1700 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Edwin Jarvis, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark

FIC SUMMARY: Edwin Jarvis learns to navigate in the wake of Steve Rogers.

RECCER'S NOTES: An interesting look at Edwin Jarvis. Captures the determination and melancholy of Season 1, as Jarvis navigates around the legend of Captain America, and his friends' lingering grief for a fallen hero.
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FIC LINK: The Closest Exit May Be Behind You
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] throughadoor
WIP?/WORD COUNT: complete / 2400 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Charlie Crews, Dani Reese, Ted Earley, Rachel Seybolt

FIC SUMMARY: Ted tries to dispense parental advice when Rachel encounters the lurking existential dread of the college application process. There's a dead body on an airplane and Dani hates the FBI. And Charlie is probably going to buy UCLA a building.

RECCER'S NOTES: If you've ever wondered what Charlie and Dani and company might have gotten up to after the cancellation of Life? This is a surprisingly convincing answer to that question, full of adorable Charlie-isms.
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FANDOM: Elementary
FIC LINK: Out of Hand
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] Eva
RATING/WARNING(S): G, no standard content warnings apply
WIP?/WORD COUNT: 461 words, complete
MAIN CHARACTERS: Marcus Bell, Joan Watson

FIC SUMMARY: Could have been a knife!

RECCER'S NOTES: This is a brilliant call back to a certain mid-season 1 episode, featuring Joan getting revenge and Marcus along for the ride. It's marked ship, but there's nothing here that can't be read as friendship.
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FANDOM: Elementary
FIC LINK: Creatures Great and Small
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] IrenaK
WIP?/WORD COUNT: 2000 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Marcus Bell

FIC SUMMARY: Between the bees, the chickens and Clyde, it's practically a menagerie in the brownstone.


Five times Sherlock brought home a stray and one time Joan did.

RECCER'S NOTES: Elementary has made a recurring theme of Sherlock's fun, odd habits. One of which is the tendency to bring home random animals, including fandom favourite Clyde the tortoise. This fic does a great job of recreating the really, Sherlock? comedy the show is built around, as well the unique type of friendship that Sherlock inspires.
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FANDOM: Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey, Jack and the Beanstalk
FIC LINK: Catherine's Fairytale
WIP?/WORD COUNT: 1091 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Catherine Tilney
FIC SUMMARY: "Under what circumstances, then,” said Mrs. Tilney to herself, taking a seat upon the garden bench, “is one likely to encounter a giant bean-stalk?”

RECCER'S NOTES: This made me smile a lot!  It ends just as it's beginning, but that leaves room for all sorts of fun speculation about what comes next!.
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FANDOM: Star Trek: TOS
FIC LINK: Every Good Villain
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] igrockspock
RATING/WARNING(S): rated G, no warnings
WIP?/WORD COUNT: 2,283 words, complete

FIC SUMMARY: Every good villain is the hero of her own story. On trial for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon, Lieutenant Valeris tells hers.

RECCER'S NOTES: I have never before seen a story from the POV of Valeris. Set after the events of The Undiscovered Country, this is an interesting exploration of her motivations and her thoughts after the fallout of the movie.
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FANDOM: Star Trek: AOS
FIC LINK: The Rule of Silences
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] genarti
RATING/WARNING(S): G, no major warnings apply
MAIN CHARACTERS: Sarek, Spock Prime

FIC SUMMARY: It is not logical, and yet it is true.

I kind of don't want to write anything about this to avoid spoiling any of it, so here's a very brief rec: This is well written and heartbreaking and hopeful. I think you'll enjoy it.