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Hey gensploders!

If you own an awesome gen-related comm, or if you know of one we should list here, let us know! We're going to be pretty chilled about actually "affiliating" with people, in that we're not going to demand you rave about us over at your community or anything - we're happy just to share a list of awesome gensplodey communities and sites that people should know about.

Fandom-specific sites are totally okay. If you want to include a little bio/blurb, that's okay too! If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask, but this is basically the post for you to pimp out all the awesome gen-related things you know of.


[livejournal.com profile] avengersgen Your home for all-gen fic requests for Marvel's Avengers (all universes), as well as the rest of the MCU and the comics.
For the sake of clarity, gen will be defined as a story that does not - I emphasize does not - focus on a romantic pairing and contains no scenes of graphic sex. Canon pairings are permitted as long as, again, they are not the focus of the story.

And, if you would like to share the wonder and joy that is [community profile] gensplosion, there are some banners and such (made by [personal profile] isabelquinn) under the cut, if you want to splash them around. ♥