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FANDOM: Pokémon (anime)
FIC LINK: Venting
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] DeLiz
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 3,000
MAIN CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Meowth, Ash

Meowth and Pikachu got locked in a cupboard. Pikachu is unimpressed by this, but he's currently unimpressed by a lot of things, so that's normal. Meowth, being the wonderful friendly nemesis he is, decides this is a fact worth exploring.

You know, just for kicks.

RECCER'S NOTES: After a few hiccups, my laptop decided to keep on living after all. Hurray! (This was the monthly reminder to BACK UP YOUR SHIT, kids, brought you by CloseShaveINC.) Let's see if I can't catch up.

A cat, a cupboard, a very angry electric mouse. Meowth works well as the narrator; while essentially a decent person, he's also enough of an arsehole to thoroughly enjoy Pikachu's frustration. (And Meowth's narration means we don't need to hear Pikachu's words, because that would be... weird.)
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FANDOM: Rentaghost/Pokemon
FIC LINK: A Load of Balls
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] greyknight
MAIN CHARACTERS: Timothy Claypole, Nadia Popov, Hazel the MacWitch.
FIC SUMMARY: Mr Meaker wants the ghosts to come up with some product ideas for Christmas, but there is an unexpected problem with Claypole's idea.

RECCER'S NOTES: A fic that perfectly encapsulates the comedy chaos of old kid’s TV show 'Rentaghost'. Mr Meaker wants to know what new money making idea the spooks have come up with and Mr Claypole’s is one where small monsters are kept in balls. Naturally, they escape and cause havoc. Everything you remember is squeezed into the fic including the Meaker’s neighbours and, of course, don’t go into the cellar!

There are a few formatting issues, but as the author explains at the end it was written as a last minute pinch hit while dealing with real life dodgy plumbing. A fitting situation in which to write 'Rentaghost' really!