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FANDOM: Fake News (The Daily Show and The Colbert Report)
FIC LINK: Ye Merrie Olde Adventures of Duke Stephen (and His Knights)
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] PlotDohOh
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete | 14,700 (3,300 + 11,100)
MAIN CHARACTERS: (the fake personas of) Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, all the correspondents and a number of quasi-political figures whose names I don't feel like typing out right now.

FIC SUMMARY: It all started when the new young Duke, Lord Stephen de Colbert, finally got around to arresting that loudmouthed troubadour — the one who wouldn't stop badmouthing him all over the Duchy of Newest York.

RECCER'S NOTES: Because sometimes you want a dark and serious deconstruction, and sometimes you just want puns. A very funny, very silly fairy-tale AU set in the land of Amurrica. There are swords! There are bears! There is multivariate statistical analysis! There are, most of all, clever, clever puns!
Trust me on this one.

Also: it turns out there are no fanfics beginning with X.
Also also: looks like Photobucket has decided to ransom off its hosting. Thus beginneth the migration...
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FANDOM: Jupiter Ascending
FIC LINK: To Be Sure of You
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] splash_the_cat [dreamwidth.org profile] splash_the_cat
WIP?/WORD COUNT: complete / 5000 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Vladie Bolotnikov, Caine Wise

FIC SUMMARY: Vladie is sure Jupiter is caught up in something, maybe something bad, and he's bound and determined to... Well, okay, let's be honest, he's probably going make it so much worse.

RECCER'S NOTES: Adorable and fun odd couple fic, and a chance to see Jupiter's outrageous world and hot/terrifying boyfriend from the point of view of a newcomer: Jupiter's cousin Vladie, who manages to get himself tangled up in the latest plot against Jupiter's life.
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FANDOM: Adam Adamant Lives!
FIC LINK: The Very Happiest Place on Earth
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] ArisTGD
MAIN CHARACTERS: Adam Adamant, Georgina Jones, William Simms

FIC SUMMARY: Adam, Georgie, and Simms are on holiday, but will Adam's desire for a quiet day ever be fulfilled?

RECCER'S NOTES: Because Adam Adamant Lives! is a thing of adorable adorableness and pure distilled 1960s-ness, and this fic captures all of that perfectly. Adam, Georgie, and Simms try to have a holiday, and while Georgie and Simms manage to make the most of Disneyland, Adam tackles villains as usual, with the added humour of seeing one of the series’s typical improbable plots only in glimpses between rides. Anyway, it’s heaps of fun, and every bit as delightful as the show.
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FANDOM: Doctor Who
FIC LINK: To The Rescue
AUTHOR LINK: dbskyler
RATING/WARNING(S): All ages | None
WIP?/WORD COUNT: 1381 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Sarah Jane Smith, Jack Harkness, K9, Romana II, Jo Grant, Harry Sullivan.

FIC SUMMARY: Sarah Jane is in Aberdeen! Help is on the way.

RECCER'S NOTES: After Sarah Jane made her reappearance back in 2006 (can it really be that long ago?), there was a spate of fanfic fixits, hastening to rescue her from being stranded in Aberdeen. Dbskyler’s delightfully funny fic challenges a few fandom cliches and points out that a woman who’s travelled the universe and fought monsters can probably handle getting home from Scotland without falling apart. Except, much to her bemusement, her would-be rescuers are just queuing up – that is, apart from the one person she thought might try to lend a hand…
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FANDOM: Chalet School Series – Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
FIC LINK: The Avenues of Time
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] thankyouturtle
RATING/WARNING(S): Teen | Ghosts
MAIN CHARACTERS: Mary-Lou Trelawney, Verity-Ann Carey


RECCER'S NOTES: A Yuletide or two ago, I idly asked for a Chalet School story about Mary-Lou that either dealt with her relationship with her stepsister Verity, or had her having Indiana Jones-style archaeological adventures, and I got this, which has both, and is marvellous.

It’s mainly a story of Mary-Lou encountering a self-pitying ghost (“again!” ♥) while trapped underground and how she deals with it in the way only a Chalet School girl could (with plenty of brisk common sense, although not without compassion) with elements of her relationship with Verity-Ann wound into it, including a plausible reason for why they always insisted that they weren’t stepsisters but sisters-by-marriage. And don't you just want to know what happened in Peru?
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FANDOM: Doctor Who
FIC LINK: With A Little Illumination
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] st_aurafina
RATING/WARNING(S): PG | Mild canon-type violence
MAIN CHARACTERS: Jo Grant, Third Doctor, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

FIC SUMMARY: When an opera critic is torn limb from limb, the Brigadier suspects that more than just bruised egos are at play.

RECCER'S NOTES: It’s like the UNIT-era squared, and it’s utterly wonderful. The Brigadier has crossword experts looking for the Master! The Doctor has blown up the lab (again)! Jo’s on an undercover mission (with an unexpected ‘date’), the Master has an improbable villainous plan, and it all goes a little bit Phantom of the Opera. Fabulous missing adventure fic.
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FANDOM: Doctor Who
FIC LINK: The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords)
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] netgirl_y2k
MAIN CHARACTERS: Eleventh Doctor, Amelia Pond, Sarah Jane Smith, River Song.

FIC SUMMARY: The one where the Doctor comes back for little Amelia Pond.

RECCER'S NOTES: Obvious rec is obvious maybe, but how can I not? Because great as Amy Pond is, wee!Amelia is more awesome still, and Eleven is always at his very best with children – and this is the fic surely everyone wanted, where Eleven and Amelia get to travel together. It’s gorgeous, funny, and completely adorable.
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FANDOM: Marvel Cinematic Universe / Iron Man / Agent Carter / British Actor rpf
FIC LINK: aunts aren't gentlemen
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] screamlet
RATING/WARNING(S): Teen / none
WIP?/WORD COUNT: complete / 7400 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Tony Stark, Edwin Jarvis, Anna Jarvis, Peggy Carter, Maria Stark, Howard Stark, Paul Bettany

FIC SUMMARY: “First things first,” Tony says. “I loved A Knight’s Tale."

RECCER'S NOTES: Adorable framing of Tony's backstory. Which manages to be both fun and thoughtful. More complicated than a typical exploration of The Ways in Which Howard Sucked, with a nice glimpse at the women who would have been just as formative.
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FANDOM: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Avengers
FIC LINK: Parting Shot
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] ratherastory [livejournal.com profile] ratherastory
RATING/WARNING(S): G / canon-typical violence
WIP?/WORD COUNT: complete / 20 700 words

FIC SUMMARY: Two years after the events of New York, Clint Barton is deep undercover in Bulgaria. When the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier reveal his identity to the organised crime syndicate he's infiltrated, he finds himself stranded in Varna with no allies and no resources. Moreover, the local mafia are about to enact a plan that could put the entire region at risk. With Hydra hot on his heels, Clint must rely on his wits and a few local friends to put an end to the plot and get out alive.

RECCER'S NOTES: Wondering what Clint was up to during Captain America: The Winter Soldier? This story shows us a plausible, action-packed explanation. Thematically inspired by the Fraction/Aja comic in an interesting way, as the daunting situations of the MCU meet an extremely human Clint. Contains one of my favourite MCU specific tropes, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Clint. Who we should get more of in canon, anyway.
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FANDOM: Marvel Cinematic Universe / Captain America
FIC LINK: The Not-Christmas Not-Truce of 1944
AUTHOR LINK: [tumblr.com profile] drop-deaddream [archiveofourown.org profile] dropdeaddream
RATING/WARNING(S): Teen, explicit but not gory combat violence, off-screen death of an animal for food
WIP?/WORD COUNT: complete / 1400 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, the Howling Commandos


Bucky stabs a man in the neck.

The cow moos.

RECCER'S NOTES: Adorable snapshot of Our Heroes on the front lines, tangling it up with the Germans over a cow. As you do. Reminds me a bit of Brubaker-era flashback scenes in the way that it balances the Captain America and Howling Commando mythos with the fact that they're really just dudes doing a job. As well as the fact that war is terrible and ridiculous, sometimes simultaneously.

Not actually a Christmas story, if that's the kind of thing you like to know.
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FANDOM: The Middleman
FIC LINK: The Injurious Internet Meme Incursion
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] musesfool
WIP?/WORD COUNT: one-shot | ~ 1,300 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Wendy Watson, The Middleman, Ida (The Middleman)

FIC SUMMARY: "Ida, are you infected with weaponized internet memes?" "Bitch, I might be."


This is hilarious. And it could have fitted in well with the tv series. Love how the characters sound like themselves even when quoting memes.

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FIC LINK: A Force to be Reckoned With.
AUTHOR LINK: [livejournal.com profile] hobbit_eyes
WIP?/WORD COUNT: one-shot | ~ 6,100 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Anakin Skywalker, Donna Noble; Yoda, Tenth Doctor

FIC SUMMARY: What do you do when you wake up in a space prison with no idea what's happened to your ride home? Well, it helps if there's a Jedi Knight in the next cell.


This is such a fun romp! Love the blending of the two fandoms. Donna's interaction with Anakin is great, and I love her characterization here.